About Us

Marc and Layla Gray

Welcome to our "About Us" Page!

My name is Marc Gray, I’m 42, Scottish but now live in Croatia with my Croatian Wife Layla, my 6 Year old Daughter Freya, my 4 year old Daughter Eira and my 2 Dogs Bronson (an American Staffy) and Baine (an American Pocket Bully). 

If you scroll down you can see pictures of everyone, its very hard to get us all in one picture...someone always moves 🙂 

Freya and Eira

We decided to start 'Lifestyle Label' together  as there are a lot of things that my Wife Layla knows about that I don't...

I have been working full time online for about 10 years and am the owner of many successful websites, YouTube Channels in many different niches. 

I have my own digital products created by me that teach people about building websites, YouTube channels to make money and many other methods. 

I am also a well respected online coach.

When you come on Lifestyle Label you can expect honesty and information that is full and transparent.

We are very much family oriented and hope that you enjoy the pictures of our full family above !